Quality knows no bounds

High-tech line for high-tech products

The packaging of high-quality high-tech equipment such as computers or televisions in perfectly fitted Styrofoam elements is the standard of today. Coils made by voestalpine are also sent in Styrofoam to worldwide destinations. The package of benefits in the innovative voestalpine solution is convincing.

10,000 destinations safely reached. As a global supplier of, we take pride in knowing that our coils are transported safely to their destination. Collaboration with reliable partners makes innovative solutions possible. One of the solutions is the Strang® system, which we have been using since 2013. More than 10,000 coils have been safely sent using this reliable system. The standard of the future is already in place at voestalpine.

The complete unit loading process:

Loading completed in 8 minutes. Coils shipped using the Strang® system are placed in a perfectly fitted coil bed and protected further with additional Styrofoam elements in the shipping container. The system is compatible with all standard shipping containers. A further benefit: As compared to other transport stabilization systems, such as wood packaging, there is hardly any risk of damage to the coils when Styrofoam is used. Hydraulic lifter trucks take only eight minutes to load two coils into each shipping container.

Positive advantages for customers as well as the environment. We at voestalpine take a great deal of pride in knowing that our coils arrive at the customer in perfect condition. That is why the company also take steps to ensure that the coils are unloaded properly. Another benefit of the innovative packaging is for the environment. Styrofoam can be recycled 100%. Cost savings and sustainability are the result. The Strang® system is an attractive alternative to conventional transport options.