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Monoblock Set of Switches in Sandwich Construction

Monoblock set of switches made of wear-resistant material and featuring an energy-efficient heating in sandwich construction.
Monoblock Set of Switches
  • Low wear
  • Entire set of switches made of wear-resistant material
  • A systemic adaptation to all rails is enabled by dint of a variable overall height, since the overall height of the set of switches corresponds to the profile height of the connection rails
  • Individual head profiles for ideal wheel/rail contact
  • Exact profile connection at the rail ends for all common welding procedures
  • With exchangeable switch rail (system ZAD 30/45)
    • wear-resistant transition area by 30° or 45° scarf joints, respectively
    • secure force-fit and form-fit connection
    • maintenance-friendly due to short installation times
  • Low operational costs through an optimal use of an insulated, energy-efficient heating system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High availability
  • Rapid amortisation