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Elastic Ribbed Base Plate Support (PAD-Version) ERLp

ERLp – The PAD-Version of the Elastic Ribbed Base Plate Support ERL

Standard base plate for track and turnout

voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany developed a modular system with textured elastomer springs made of rubber to be arranged as a pad underneath the ribbed plates. According to the special requirements and aims of the customers, the bearing types ERL 30P and ERL 17.5P, each one with differentiated spring stiffness, are available.
The voestalpine BWG PAD system for highly elastic bearing ERL 17.5P and semi-elastic bearing ERL 30P is an effective alternative incorporating all essential features of the existing vulcanized ribbed base plate support.


Design and Function

Between ribbed base plates and supporting areas elastic intermediate plates, so called pads, are arranged according to the required forms and functions. At their bottom side, the pads are furnished with suspension spring areas. Further areas are defined for overload protection. In order to prevent wear of the suspension springs and to be able to adjust different spring stiffness levels, sheet metal is vulcanized into the highly elastic bearing ERL 17.5P.

The installation of oval synthetic inserts with a thrust washer into the ribbed base plate fastening allows for pre-stressing the pads to a defined degree at assembly. If asymmetrically pierced inserts are used instead of oval ones the support points can be adjusted in horizontal direction. For the highly elastic ribbed base plate bearing ERL 17.5P, adjustment shims Upf between pad and bearing surface allow for vertical adjustment (-4mm to +26mm).



Elastic ribbed base plates are used to minimize structure- borne noise. ERL 30P with a support point stiffness of 30kN/mm +/-10% is suitable for a required spring stiffness of the ballasted track of up to ca. 85kN/mm. In case of lower elasticity requirements, ERL 30P may be combined with rail pads Zw 900 / Zw 1000 on rigid ribbed base plates in the closure rail area of the turnout.

The elastic ribbed base plate support ERL 17.5P is applied for support point stiffness levels ranging from 4.5 to 25 kN/mm. This elastic bearing is particularly suited for the different types of non-ballasted superstructure in slab track, on bridges and in tunnels, but also for ballasted superstructures of main line, rapid transit and metro railways. All versions of the elastic ribbed base plate support can be equipped with various rail fastening systems, e.g., tension clamp Skl, Fastclip, e-Clip.



  • universally applicable for different rail profiles and rail fastening systems
  • customizable
  • creation of track-like conditions for deflection and load distribution in the complete turnout
  • high availability by improving the position stability and reducing RCF damages
  • reduction of structure-borne noise
  • low maintenance requirements due to high-quality and durable components
  • sustainable reduction of the maintenance costs of the superstructure
  • support points can be adjusted horizontally and vertically
  • stray current reduction by insulation possible