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Turnout Service

He who builds the turnouts, can also maintain them best. He who is familiar with every component, every screw, also knows what to switch. This has been proven in installation as well as in maintenance.

Turnout Service

We Lead the Way

Flawless switching is of primary importance at junctions and branches. The safety of passengers and the financial viability of the business depend on the turnouts. This applies to high-speed tracks, freight tracks for heavy cargo, as well as to high frequency transit and regional light-rail systems.

High Maintenance Requirement

Quality maintenance prevents breakdowns, reduces costs and increases the lifespan of turnouts. The setting and complexity of turnouts demand highly qualified and trained personnel. Additionally, a reserve of personnel for crisis management and their high degree of flexibility are key requirements. Intelligent concepts and good project management ensure that track access time is kept at a minimum.

Qualified and Efficient

voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service is a specialized partner for the maintenance of infrastructure. Now, railway and construction companies can completely or partially relieve themselves from turnout maintenance, by placing the task in the competent hands of voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service. Furthermore, as before, voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service accompanies the installation of turnouts with its special expertise in the engineering and production of turnouts.

Service Tailored to your Needs

Our customers can have various concepts developed for their inspection and maintenance contract. This can include complete maintenance or only particular areas, where the customer requires our expertise. Customers can decide to what extent they want to be relieved.

Without Exception: Experts in Turnout Production

The best engineers and turnout mechanics work at voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany Service. They possess experience in the production of turnouts and can leverage this unique synergy, to ensure the lowest technical and financial expenditure for the railway companies.