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References High-Speed - Spain

High-speed lines in Spain – one of the most extensive high-speed networks worldwide

High-speed line in Spain

Already the first high-speed line in Spain – the 472 km long line between Madrid and Seville (ballasted track) was built with turnouts from voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany.

The positive LCC experience from this line, whose technical concept was developed by voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany, combined with the general „excellent“ rating of the turnouts were decisive for the delivery of turnout components together with a Spanish joint venture for the line Madrid-Barcelona starting in 2003. This line is in full regular service since February 20th, 2008.

Since then voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany has delivered various turnout components for the respective sections in line with the advancing extension of the Spanish high-speed network. Over the years at total of approx. 450 turnouts were delivered. The largest turnouts, our single turnout 60-17000/7300-1:50, are run at 300 km/h in the main track and at 220 km/h in the branch track.