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Our Mission
Visionary Customer Orientation - Welcoming the Future Today


Where we are now

As the leader of modern turnout technology we consider our customer's challenges our own.

Armed with our expertise, the ongoing development of our products and steady expansion of our business fields we provide our customers with tailored system solutions that go far beyond the product "turnout" itself. Our system solutions, that are tailored exactly to the individual needs of our customers are always representing the latest technical achievements. This is how we help to save expensive and complicated interfaces.

How do we achieve that - Our Values

To achieve those goals, our VALUE-System serves as base for our daily thinking and acting.

V - for Value Orientation
It is our highest aim to create and increase value for our customers and proprietors.

A - for Allied Responsibility
Each of us is an entrepreneur on his own. But as a team we are contributing to the success of the voestalpine Turnout Technology Germany. Reliance, team-orientation and mutual appreciation of achievements are sustaining our team spirit and solidarity.

L - for Long Lasting Reputation
Competence and reliability are characterizing us and guarantee long-term success. For our good reputation we are working dedicatedly every day in order to increase customer satisfaction and therewith our leading position in the market.

U - for Unlimited Technology
Through permanent and market driven research and development we will consolidate our technical leadership.

E - for Expansion
We are eager to meet the challenge of a continuous and controlled expansion of our markets and services in order to guarantee a sustainable growth of the company.