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Proprietary Grades

The VA-Series of products are designed for special applications. They may or may not be addressed by the API-Specifications. When the service application is addressed by an API grade, the VA-Series will exceed the API requirements.

The practices available to achieve the stated goals include but are not limited to:

  • Steel with a special chemical composition
  • Special steel-making practices
  • Use of SPC during rolling and heat treatment
  • Reduced tolerances
  • Mechanical properties restricted to a more stringent range
  • Additional testing

Depending on the final use, appropriate processes are taken. 

High Collapse Service:

  • VA-HC-N80-Q
  • VA_HC-L80-1
  • VA-HC-C90-1
  • VA-HC-R95
  • VA-HC-T95-1
  • VA-HC-C110
  • VA-HC-P110
  • VA-HC-Q125-1

On request also available in combination with low temperature.

Enhanced Grades:

  • VA-EP-N80-Q
  • VA-EP-L80-1
  • VA-EP-C90-1
  • VA-EP-R95
  • VA-EP-T95-1
  • VA-EP-C110
  • VA-EP-P110
  • VA-EP-Q125-1

On request also available in combination with low temperature.

Extreme Grades:

  • VA-XP-N80-Q
  • VA-XP-L80-1
  • VA-XP-C90-1
  • VA-XP-R95
  • VA-XP-T95-1
  • VA-XP-P110
  • VA-XP-Q125-1

On request also available in combination with low temperature.

Sour Service:

  with High Collapse with Enhanced Properties
VA-SS-80 VA-SS-80-HC VA-SS-80-EP
VA-SS-90 VA-SS-90-HC VA-SS-90-EP
VA-SS-95 VA-SS-95-HC VA-SS-95-EP
VA-SS-110 VA-SS-110-HC VA-SS-110-EP
VA-S-110 VA-S-110-HC VA-S-110-EP
VA-S-125 VA-S-125-HC VA-S-125-EP


Deep Well Service:

  with High Collapse
VA-D-125 VA-D-125-HC
VA-D-140 VA-D-140-HC
VA-D-150 VA-D-150-HC


Low Temperatur Service

  • VA-LT-J55
  • VA-LT-K55
  • VA-LT-N80-Q
  • VA-LT-L80-1
  • VA-LT-C90-1
  • VA-LT-R95
  • VA-LT-R95-1
  • VA-LT-C110
  • VA-LT-P110
  • VA-LT-Q125-1

Mild Sweet Gas Service:

Ferrite / Pearlite Quenched & Tempered
  VA-L80-1-1CR / VA-L80-1-3CR
  VA-P110-1CR / VA-P110-3CR

API Grades

  • J55
  • K55
  • L80
  • N80
  • C90
  • R95
  • T95
  • C110
  • P110
  • Q125