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DryTec® - because future matters

voestalpine Tubulars DryTec® is the dope-free alternative for Premium Connections. DryTec® increases your efficiency and safety on-site and helps you to protect the environment.


Currently available for:

  • VAGT®
  • VAsuperior®


Product characteristics & customer benefits

lubricant free

  • Compared to thread connections with thread compound, where transport/storage compound has to be removed and installation compound has to be applied, connections with DryTec® are ready to install. Therefore, DryTec® stands for easier handling and cost savings by elimination of work steps.

  • Excess thread compound could clog sand screens, valves, and perforating guns. It could cause wire line failures and completion fluids contamination. It causes damage to the near-well zone by clogging pores and reducing the inflow rate. DryTec® protects you from these problems.

safe & environmentally friendly

  • Compared to thread compounds, DryTec® means no pollution at the rig and in the well. It increases the safety of your staff and reduces the impact on the environment.

protective design

  • Compared to thread compounds, DryTec® provides an additional corrosion protection during transport and storage. It eliminates failure potential caused by too much or insufficient lubricant application and improves make-up, even for multiple make-up, at the same time. In addition, this dry alternative decreases the danger of contamination of the connection on site (e.g. with sand).

ready to install

  • DryTec® connections are ready to install. Compared to connections with thread compound, no water is needed to remove transport/storage compound. Therefore, DryTec® stands for easier preconditions for your running/installation work on site.

Advantages of DryTec®

  • Elimination of conventional lubricants
  • Minimizes failure potential (too much/ insufficient lubricant)
  • Saves installation time/ elimination of work steps/ easier handling
  • Improved make-up, even for multiple make-up
  • Make-up temperatures between +60°C and –60°C
  • Decreasing danger of contamination for the connection on site
  • Less pollution at the rig and in the well
  • Increased safety on-site
  • Corrosion protection during transport and storage
  • Reduced impact on the environment