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The synthethic duct: How to turn waste into a valuable new product!

4 March 2019 | 

A synthetic duct made from old electricity cabinets and bakelite phones. Creating waste-based new products for the ongoing innovation of the railway sector. That is how we envisage sustainability, cradle to cradle, reuse and recycling. Curious about the sustainable features and technical advantages of this product? The new synthetic duct is now available in our webshop.

Synthetic duct made from recycled thermosetting material

Our newest duct is made from reused materials that have been given a second life. This means that they will not end up at a waste site. In this case, we have used thermosetting objects such as old bakelite phones, electricity cabinets and various types of polyester. This approach has resulted in a beautiful new product that is perfectly in line with our sustainability goal(s). In creating the synthetic duct, which has even more advantages than the previous generation concrete troughs, we have simultaneously contributed to reducing the waste problem. 

Incredibly strong, as well as insulation- and UV-proof

Thermosetting material makes a product incredibly strong. And because it is resistant to high temperatures, it also has an insulating quality. Thermosetting plastics are characterised by their capacity to remain solid when heated, contrary to thermoplastics, which turn soft when heated. As a result, thermosetting material will retain its form after it has been processed. It therefore serves as a perfect basis for new products.  

The purpose of the synthetic duct is to protect cables and pipes in the ground alongside the railway infrastructure. The synthetic duct meets the specifications set by ProRail in accordance with SPC00305-v1. Both the synthetic duct and the cover are 1-to-1 exchangeable with the older generation of troughs.

Enjoy using the synthetic duct now

In the Netherlands is the new synthetic duct is 1-to-1 exchangeable with its concrete counterpart. The advantage of the synthetic duct is that it is multiple times stronger, which results in a very low replacement rate in normal circumstances. Furthermore, the product has a (extreme) high resistance to weather conditions, to extremely high or low temperatures – such as in case of fire – and even to chemical substances. And last but not least, it is 50% lighter in weight than the concrete versions, which makes both the duct and the cover much safer to install.

Do you want to enjoy this product’s usage and advantages or participate in the development of a circular railway system? Feel free to contact our international sales department.