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New NSE point machine and manganese steel frog improve track performance

25 January 2019 | 

Earlier this year, ProRail released two new products: the point machine type NSE (S) and the 1:15 manganese steel frog. These products significantly reduce the number of malfunctions while decreasing the required turn-out maintenance; an important contribution to the realisation of a well performing railway network.

Technical innovation acknowledged by ProRail

WBN point machine type NSE

voestalpine WBN is the first supplier in the Netherlands authorised to deliver the NSE (Type 4) point machine. This product, which was fully developed in-house, contains a new switch box that delays the start current of the switch motor and limits the peak current. In addition, the machine turns itself off after 10 seconds. As a result, both the electricity supply and the switch motor are less susceptible to wear and tear.

The release of the 1:15 manganese steel frog means that voestalpine WBN’s can equipped a 1:15 turn-out with a manganese steel frog like the already available 1:9 turn-out. In its regulations, ProRail prescribes the use of manganese steel frogs because they considerably prolong the lifespan of the complete turn-out and thereby enhance its sustainability.

More than 125 years of experience

The collaboration activities of voestalpine WBN and voestalpine Railpro in the area of product innovation are located at the Crailoo business premises in Hilversum. Already since 1893, WBN has manufactured track work and turnouts for the Dutch railway market. In 2015, the acquisition of Rail Service Nederland took place, enabling voestalpine WBN to bring in valuable expertise on switch motors as well as on push- and control rods.

Innovation & sustainability

In line with our ‘one step ahead’ objective, voestalpine’s initiatives in the field of innovation are always ongoing. At the moment, for example, we are in the process of developing a new type of point rod that needs less maintenance. “We were asked to create a point rod that does no longer have to be periodically lubricated and that is easy to adjust. We are working on this project at full power now, and hope to inform you about its progress this summer”, says product manager Daniel Poll Jonker. Furthermore, in 2019 voestalpine WBN will in connection with the Leiden project also release its first MKI-proof (Environmental Costs Indicator) products.

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'voestalpines new point machine reduces railway malfunctions'

author: Mykola Zasiadko - published 09-01-2019