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Components are manufactured by means of rollforming and subsequent complete or partial component hardening. This process, a combination of roll-forming and hardening, is called rollform hardening. The result is high-strength components that can be used in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

At the very beginning, the zinc-coated steel strip is profile-rolled into the desired shape. Profiles are then pressed as required into the cross section. The section is then heated to 900 °C and cooled rapidly after which it is coated with a zinc-iron alloy or, when requested by the customer, with a corrosion-protection coating for transport. The section is then perforated with a laser, cut in 3D or cut to length.

Process advantages in detail

  • Variable component lengths with a single tool set
  • Open and closed cross sections and tailored tubes

phs-rollform® skillfully combines the specific advantages of the rollforming and press-hardening processes.

  • Rollforming makes it possible to manufacture a variety of different component lengths with the same cross section, while substantially reducing tool costs.
  • The short processing times support the excellent cathodic corrosion protection.
  • As in phs-directform®, a zinc-iron coating or Galvannealed coating is used. This prevents any liquid zinc from being distributed in the course of heat treatment in component zones that do not lie in a horizontal direction and ensures consistent component layer thicknesses.
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