World novelty for simpler component geometries

The blanks (including laser-welded blanks) are heated to approximately 900 oC. The following innovative contact-free pre-cooling with air to below 550 °C prevents any microcracking during the subsequent forming process. The blanks are then formed into their final geometry and hardened prior to final cutting. When requested by the customer, component surfaces are conditioned and transport corrosion protection is applied.

Process advantages in detail

  • No cold forming required (cost advantages especially for numbers of pieces below 100,000/year and/or simple component geometries)
  • Low amounts of scrap (consideration of reserved area not required during blank cutting)
  • Simple furnace technology (suitable for roller-hearth furnace)
  • Short furnaces possible (flat blank geometries and the galvannealed coating ensure quick and uniform heating of the blanks)
  • No danger of hydrogen absorption during annealing in the phs furnace, even at high dew point values in the furnace atmosphere
  • More complex geometries possible than with alternative coatings (ZnFe coating offers good lubricating action between the component and the tool)
  • High throughput rates, especially for thick sheets
  • Low tool wear
  • Short cycle times possible
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