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The voestalpine pioneering spirit

More than ten years of experience in the hot forming of galvanized steel strip!

In 2002, voestalpine implemented a research and development team with the first basic hot forming tests on galvanized steel strip. Only two years later, the innovative combination of material and manufacturing processes was used to produce a demonstration component made of galvanized hot-formed material (B pillar). The key to success was the selection of the right coating (composition and thickness of the zinc material), the precise selection and control of time and temperature characteristics and the prevention of elongation during hot forming and form hardening. The year 2008 was when the serial production of press-hardening parts made of galvanized steel strip became a reality. Today,
phs-ultraform® has proven itself for more than seven years in serial production worldwide.

Cathodic corrosion protection with zinc, even in direct hot forming

The automotive industry has had a wish for many years. It wanted excellent corrosion protection in the form of zinc on direct hot-formed components. The reason for this was that direct hot forming is so economical, especially when producing low quantities. Thanks to many years of experience with galvanized press-hardening steels, voestalpine was successful in meeting the challenge.

Today, phs-directform®, the world novelty developed by voestalpine, is directly hot-formed as hot-dip galvanized steel strip for corrosion-resistant light-weight components

Whether in direct or indirect hot forming, industry leader voestalpine has proven its phs technology with material and component expertise for solutions that are guaranteed to meet the requirements.

  • Excellent cathodic corrosion protection
  • Exceptional formability
  • Excellent crash performance (ductility)
  • Strengths ranging from 1,300 to 2,000 MPa
  • Wide variety of solutions for individual component requirements
  • Economical manufacturing
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