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Comprehensive expertise creates innovative solutions

The foundation for expertise and innovative power in voestalpine phs technology is the comprehensive expertise bundled in one group of companies. As a technology company, voestalpine offers effective networks: Steel development, steel production and steel processing

In the fields of press-hardening steels and component solutions, this means the following:  The expertise of the material development experts in the Steel Division is combined with the process expertise of the forming specialists in the Metal Forming Division. The result is highly economical solutions for high-strength corrosion-resistant components.

The experts in both divisions have many years of experience with galvanized press-hardening steels and work very closely together.

Full service The specialized and closely networked companies in the voestalpine Group have one common objective: Optimized solutions for customers in the automotive and automobile component supplier industries These experts are your partners for the following:

  • Innovative high-strength steel grades
  • Process expertise in direct and indirect hot forming technologies
  • Component manufacturing with specialized companies in the Metal Forming Division
  • Global logistics strategies
Your ideal partner for component manufacturing

Cornelia Walter

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