1. Think Zinc: perFORM HOT

  2. phs-ultraform®: The original

  3. phs-directform®: The pioneer

  4. TPP: Tailored-property blanks


  • Prof. M. Tolan lays everything on the table:

    The remote effect of corrosion-resisting zinc

    Zinc protects steel against corrosion, even remotely! This video featuring Metin Tolan tells us how and why.

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  • A world first:

    phs-directform® plant opened

    With the opening of the world's first phs-directform® plant, a new era has begun in light-weight construction.

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  • voestalpine phs technology

    Think beyond borders

    In aviation, technology or in sports: Thinking ahead means getting ahead. A clip for those who think ahead

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  • Light-weight design


    The limits of feasibility in automotive light-weight design have shifted in the field of cold and hot forming.

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