Wide range of applications

With tfs monitoring, you will always be a step ahead in preventing damage and theft.


Simplified system for more sustainability: The elimination of external sensors and their cabling makes tfs monitoring a highly sustainable solution for long-term applications. Both power supply and data acquisition are integrated into the surface layer and are protected by high-quality organic coatings. This allows you to benefit from maximum functionality at every turn.


Our contribution to your intelligent solution begins during the planning stage: Planning phase In the joint development process, you will work with our experts to create solutions based on your requirements. The data required for your output are collected at a single point, either with high precision or distributed across a larger surface area.


Uncompromising functionality: tfs monitoring collects the data based on your individual requirements. The parameters for data collection and monitoring are developed during the joint planning process and are implemented effectively as required using a single and simple central power supply through a connection point and a single line for data transmission.