Application ideas from everyday practice

tfs heating is as versatile as your own ideas. Because the functionality is integrated into the material surface, there are no limits to your design. The possibilities are countless.


Favorable from the planning stages to the final product, the tfs heating system is directly integrated into the coating layer and can be used in a wide variety of applications. The elimination of external heating elements reduces the need for extra design and production. Because the system is integrated into the surface of exposed truck panels, tfs heating is resistant to damage and environmental factors.

Save space

Complex designs usually place high demands on the dimensioning of the installed components. Because it is integrated into the surface of the material, tfs heating solves the problems of power supply and heat generation directly on the base material, thus allowing complex designs with minimum space requirements. Your imagination is the only limitation to the possibilities of your project.


Whether folded, bent or punched, the tfs heating system can heat a wide variety of shapes. The expertise at voestalpine in the organic coating of steel strip provides you with significant advantages: The conductor tracks are applied directly onto the base material using a tried-and-tested technology, and the steel strip equipped with tfs-heating maintains full processability, functionality and durability.

An innovation that opens doors

Heated bathroom doors are the future of bathroom architecture and will soon replace old-fashioned radiators. The optimum material for your tailor-made solution is tfs heating made by voestalpine.

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