Become a part of the innovation!

There is no limit to the possibilities of products enhanced with tfs technology. We know what our innovation can do and envision limitless possibilities. Share your ideas with us, and together we will find product applications that are optimized to meet your individual requirements.

What is co-engineering?

Forward-thinking teamwork: At voestalpine, we define co-engineering to be the joint development of an intelligent tfs solution that is integrated into our steel and achieves the best possible product application.

The sky is the limit

For many decades, voestalpine has been working together in a wide range of industries with renowned companies and a large number of research and educational institutions. Though a new product, tfs has already become extremely versatile in its application. If you have identified further areas of application and are interested in the further design and development of your products, we look forward to working together with you. Please contact us.