The name tfs stands for tailor-made functional steel and is synonymous with versatile functionality, a comprehensive range of applications and plenty of potential for new designs. Integrated conductive tracks pave the way for the implementation of sensor technologies and ensure more efficient processes and lower maintenance.

At the same time, they enable intelligent and future-oriented solutions. Work together with voestalpine to enhance your application in a wide variety of ways.

Composite material for success

An adhesion-enhancing and insulating coating is applied to the surface of the pre-treated steel. Conductive structures are screen printed onto the surface and protected through application of a final coat. This method of composite layering makes it possible to produce tailor-made functional steel that can be easily edged and shaped without destroying the conductive elements.


tfs places the desired functionality directly where it can be used most effectively in your application, right onto the surface of the steel strip. By eliminating the need for additional external sensors, innovative digital applications can be integrated into your product without additional production steps and without restricting your processing.


The conductor tracks can be individually integrated into the surface coating. Any configuration and size is possible, from only a few mm2 to to the full surface. We would be happy to work with you to find the best possible solution to meet your needs. Even complex shapes are possible.


Let your ideas run wild and what tfs can do for you. The high degree of formability and processability makes full-surface applications and complex designs possible without any additional production costs. The high degree of weather resistance and resistance to environmental factors make tfs the ideal base material for long-term and highly innovative solutions.