How tfs-measuring makes shelves smart

Project partner

The Store Makers (umdasch) is an internationally successful company in the field of shop design. With visionary designs, The Store Makers provide support for renowned companies in lifestyle retail, food retail and premium retail industries. The company plays a pioneering role in the industry and relies on the advantages and wide application range of tfs measuring made by voestalpine.

A breakthrough product for a breakthrough company

umdasch Store Makers have long been searching for the right material to make the shelves of the future. The versatile functional spectrum of tailor-made functional steel (tfs) is the perfect solution. Conductor tracks and sensors are integrated directly into the surface coating of the steel strip, thus optimizing a variety of functions and significantly reducing maintenance costs. tfs measuring can assume a wide range of measuring functions and detects loads, temperature and filling levels. Thanks to the integrated conductor tracks, no additional sensors are required.

Making the best possible use of available space

Shop fitter have to take a lot of different things into consideration, but one of their problems looms large as they try to come up with the best solution: The available space is always limited, yet this is precisely why tfs measuring is the best solution. The conductor tracks and sensors are integrated into the surface of the steel strip, and so there is no need for external cabling. This creates more space for additional product shelving.

Moving forward together with intelligent solutions

Data required by the customer, perhaps information about the load on a supermarket shelf, are already taken into account during the design phase and can be tailored to specific requirements. In collaboration with voestalpine, umdasch Store Makers have developed a shelf design that effectively integrates tfs measuring without having to rethink the manufacturing process. The innovative design of the tailor-made umdasch shelving makes the day-to-day work of the customer easier and much more efficient.

Visit the fair stand of umdasch Store Makers (Hall 12, Stand C55) at the EuroShop 2020 from 16 to 20 February in Dusseldorf and experience first-hand the advantages of tfs measuring.