Enjoy it hot

a steel-sheet solution made by voestalpine with integrated surface heating. Higher temperatures can be achieved in both indoor and outdoor use. Together with Forster, the company that prints the conductor tracks on the steel strip, we have developed an innovative shelf for heating food.

Successful prototype

The first shelf prototype was made for Forster employees and has been in daily operation since September without malfunctioning. The integrated conductor tracks in the steel shelving keep food warm at the optimum temperature of 50 °C.

Simple and smart

The shelf heating function was developed and engineered by voestalpine. The components were printed, formed and assembled by Forster. All the user needs is a 24-volt power supply to make sure that food never gets cold.

Big plans

Now that the highly successful prototype phase is nearing completion, a great deal of consideration is being given to marketing the heating shelf in collaboration with Forster.