Press Release

01 June 2017

Statement on Material Inspection and Cleanup Program

voestalpine Texas LLC, in response to inquiries by some residents of the neighboring community, is implementing a program of contacting nearby residents and authorizing cleaning of property that has been affected by the black material that may have come from temporary operations conducted at our facility. We are now contacting nearby neighbors to inspect any property that may have been affected by the black material and to arrange the appropriate cleanup services for any affected property, at voestalpine Texas LLC’s costs.

voestalpine Texas LLC remains committed to being a good neighbor to the Portland community and looks forward to speaking with other residents who have not previously contacted us but believe their property may have also been affected by this black material. Any resident that can document their property being affected by the black material should contact voestalpine Texas LLC, at the contact information listed below, by June 30th, so voestalpine can include that resident in our program.

Also, we would like to reassure the public that this black material poses no threat to health. Based on samples previously collected on site and at several nearby residences analyzed by a third-party laboratory and a third-party consultant, the material has similar properties to that of Texas background soil and is not harmful.

For more information about the identification and cleanup process, please contact Sandra Alvarez, Communications & Public Relations, at or can be reached at 361-850-9966.


Press Release 20170601
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