One Step Ahead in Construction

22 June 2015

Whether reduction tower, oxide storage building or dock – construction progress of voestalpine’s direct reduction plant continues to be impressive

voestalpine’s job site in Portland/TX resembles to a swarm of bees as activities are at an all-time high. Currently around 1,300 construction workers are making sure that voestalpine’s environmental benchmark will be ready for operation by 1st quarter 2016. At peak the job site will be the workplace for 1,700 people, supported by experts from Linz/Austria.

In the meantime the reduction tower has reached 295ft. A special high-reach heavy-lift crane will help to assemble to tower steel structure up to its ultimate height of 445ft. Recently, a major milestone has been achieved: the dock has been finished. The first ship is expected in July with a precious freight on board: two ship unloading cranes which will be lifted straight from the ship onto the dock’s crane rails. Manufactured by renowned crane builder Ardelt (Germany) the two 900 t luffing cranes will ensure a speedy unloading of the 120.000 t iron ore carriers. The delivery of the shiploader is also expected in the upcoming months and will complete voestalpine’s ‘crane trio’.

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