Surface treatments
Surface treatments


multiface® is a high-performance and sustainable sealing technology.

Do you need a sustainable and permanent premium sealant with outstanding anti-fingerprint properties, excellent formability and excellent corrosion resistance? Then multiface® is the product of your choice.

multiface® is a multifunctional, almost invisible sealant (thin organic coating = TOC) on hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Z). Its outstanding properties make multiface® extremely versatile. It is alkali-resistant but can be removed with polar organic solvents. A tailor-made polymer matrix ensures highest corrosion stability, best formability, very good paintability and resistance to fingerprints (anti-fingerprint). Please see the EN 50979 standard for more information.


Direct cost savings through reduced number of process steps (oiling, degreasing, rinsing + drying)

When using steel strip coated with multiface®, the oiled part must not be degreased, rinsed or dried. The direct formability properties of the material make it possible to directly powder-coat the material after deep-drawing. This results in a considerable reduction in process steps and costs.


Processing properties

Multiple certifications

Extensive material certification is naturally a minimum requirement at voestalpine in our effort to provide high-performance surface treatments. Actual properties often go far beyond the standard minimum requirements. These high values in each category are achieved entirely without the use of substances that contain heavy metals or chromium.


Typical applications

multiface® can be applied to a wide range of products.

multiface® properties in comparison

multiface®, our thin organic coating, is the number 1 sealant and perhaps the most versatile product in our portfolio. Combined with excellent corrosion protection, used as a forming aid and for direct coatability, multiface® is the true high-tech surface treatment.



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