Surface treatments
Surface treatments


dryform®, the sustainable dry forming aid

Do you need a high-quality and sustainable dry forming aid that minimizes process steps and ensures work safety? Then dryform® is the product of your choice.

dryform® is a transparent, non-slip, dry forming aid for hot-dip galvanized or electrogalvanized steel strip. Special wax additives in the dryform® coating ensure these excellent forming properties. dryform® is 100% free of chromium compounds and makes a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.


Significantly improved coating properties

dryform® offers significantly improved sliding and forming properties when compared to conventional forming oils. Since dryform® is a dry lubricant, even distribution is ensured without any accumulation of oil. dryform® contributes to process reliability as well as clean and safe workplaces.


Processing properties

Multiple certifications

Certifications are naturally a minimum requirement at voestalpine in our effort to provide additional high-performance treatments. In many applications, the actual properties of dryform® go far beyond the standard minimum requirements.


Typical applications

dryform® can be applied to a wide range of products.


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