Surface treatments
Surface treatments


clearcover® is the sustainable and environmentally friendly passivation coating for hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Do you need a sustainable passivation coating with outstanding corrosion protection properties and very good processing characteristics? Then clearcover® is the product of your choice.

clearcover® is the new, sustainable and environmentally friendly passivation coating without chromium or chromium compounds. The passivation is also free of other heavy metals.

The less than one μm thick inorganic coating on galvanized steel strip provides good storage and transport corrosion protection and supports formability and bondability in customer processes.


Processing properties


voestalpine is a pioneer in the field of sustainable steel strip surfaces.

The possible elimination of energy and resource-intensive process steps such as oiling, degreasing and rinsing/drying at the processor reduces the ecological footprint and saves costs for time-intensive pretreatments.

Corrosion protection

clearcover® surfaces show a resistance to white rust after more than 96 hours of neutral salt spray testing pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9227 and over 50 cycles in alternating humidity and climate change testing (DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT). Setting new standards at voestalpine.


Direct coatability

clearcover® passivation can be painted directly as a powder coating or cathodic dip coating, even when cleaning processes have been omitted. This eliminates degreasing or other pre-treatment processes and energy-intensive drying steps at the customer. The result is a high level of environmental compatibility with constant or improved performance in terms of paint adhesion and corrosion protection.

Multiple certifications

Certifications are naturally a minimum requirement at voestalpine in our effort to provide additional high-performance treatments. In many applications, actual properties go far beyond the standard minimum requirements.


Typical applications

clearcover® can be applied to a wide range of products. The primers combine best processing properties with best possible corrosion protection.

clearcover® properties in comparison

clearcover® is the future of passivation coatings on galvanized steel strip. clearcover® is free of both chrome and heavy metals. The combination of corrosion protection, weldability and direct coatability without time-consuming and cost-intensive postprocessing make clearcover® a sustainable passivation. Energy and other resources can be saved by reducing the number of processing steps.



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