Your journey into the world of steel starts here.

The voestalpine Stahlwelt is an adventure: Come and experience steel in new, unique ways. Your journey of discovery will take you to the realms of steel production, steel processing, steel products and the triumphs of steel, culminating in the uppermost level dedicated to the voestalpine Group. The concept behind the exhibition offers a unique interplay between hands-on experience and the acquisition of factual knowledge.

Experience and knowledge
Inside the voestalpine Stahlwelt hangs an enormous steel rotunda, modeled after a steel plant crucible. The crucible – the central world of discovery – features 80 large, chrome plated spheres measuring up to 2.5 meters in diameter and serving as brilliant points of reference. Integrated throughout the exhibition are individual, truncated spheres, including a number of walk-in spheres – these offer fascinating glimpses into the world of steel production and processing, as well as new insights into voestalpine.

A hands-on approach to steel
The crucible is adjoined structurally by the “tower,” which houses impressive exhibits and a number of interactive stations – where you can mix your own steel grade on a mixing console, for example. Your journey will take you upwards over a number of walkways, level by level until you reach the top, accompanied all the while by spherical tones echoing the sounds of steel production and breathtaking light effects from the 700 square-meter LED surface covering the inside wall of the crucible.
The concept, design, and realization are the work of the Munich-based agency KMS TEAM. And Stuttgart-based jangled nerves collaborated in the planning and execution of the interior architecture as well as the media conception and production. You can find further images of the voestalpine Stahlwelt on the voestalpine AG website.


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