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Pig iron production

Donawitz is the largest and most historic location for the production of long product in Austria. The company produces 100% continuous casting material on the classic blast furnace - LD steel - route.

The sintering plant produces 1.5 million tons of sinter per year using approximately 40% local ore and 60% import ore.
The sinter is used together with lump ore, pellets and coke as reduction agent in the blast furnaces.
The two blast furnaces produce approximately 4000 tons of pig iron daily which is transported to the steel mill using pipe ladles.
Before the pig iron is used in the LD converters it undergoes desulphurisation to achieve the desired sulphur target contents. 

Safeguarding the future

We always keep an eye on the environment. Every part-section in the long production chain meets the stringent requirements of the legislature. Environmental protection facilities with state-of-the-art equipment guarantee adherence to the limit values and ensure uninterrupted production.