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Billet rolling machine

In four hours from pig iron charge to rolled billet

A billet rolling mill, operating in tandem with the continuous casting machine, was established to produce feed stock 130 mm x 130 mm to 160 mm x 160 mm. With this plant configuration we are able to reduce the material throughput time to 4 hours.

The advantage

Our customers can be supplied far more rapidly than in the past.
The hot combination of the plants also benefits the environment. By reducing the heating times a large quantity of energy is saved as well.
To maintain the high level of quality high-pressure de-scaling prior to rolling goes without saying.

Nothing is left to chance

The feed stock with 230 mm diameter is rolled to the required cross sections of 130 to 160 mm length of a side in several gauges without any twist and protective of the material. Finally our end product reaches an efficient rake inversion cooling bed where it is cooled down without any distortion.