voestalpine is Steel Sustainability Champion in 2017

The new program launched by the World Steel Association aims to recognize steel companies that implement special measures in the area of sustainability and thus have a positive impact on the entire industry. The winners were announced at the worldsteel board meeting in Mumbai.The Steel Sustainability Champions of 2017 are voestalpine AG, ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel Europe, Tata Steel Limited, Tenaris and thyssenkrupp AG.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria were taken into account during the selection of the Steel Sustainability Champions:
  • Commitment: The CEOs of 75 companies in the industry committed themselves to sustainability by officially signing a sustainability charter aimed at demonstrating the industry's commitment to sustainable development. The charter lists the industry's seven most important sustainability principles.
  • Measurement: In the course of sustainability measurement, the following indicators, among others, were examined and evaluated: Investments in new products and processes, LTIFR (lost time injury frequency rate), resource efficiency, environmental management systems, etc. Measures taken in the area of lifecycle assessment, i.e. the holistic consideration of the lifecycle of products, also played an important role in the assessment.
  • Action: Most recently, published sustainability reports and the companies' own initiatives were used in the evaluation.