Winged Visitors

Around one month ago, voestalpine's Linz location received several 'winged' visitors. "WINGnet Wien - Die Wirtschaftsingeneure" is a student association for industrial engineering and management and its aim is to support students of degrees that combine engineering and management.
Of course the association's name has little to do with actual wings. It simply stands for: Wirtschafts (Industrial) INGenieurstudenten (Engineering Students')netzwerk (Network).

Thirty-six students of the degree Mechanical Engineering - Management visited Linz to experience the innovative power and the dimensions of voestalpine's Linz site firsthand during a tour of the voestalpine Stahlwelt and the production facilities.

This was followed by a discussion with voestalpine employees Johannes Laub and Martina Zagar, two former engineering trainees, who talked to the future industrial engineers about the day-to-day business in voestalpine. A round of exciting questions by the visitors brought the highly informative visit to its conclusion.