Quality knows no bounds

voestalpine takes pride in knowing that our coils are transported safely around the globe. Damage can occur when the coils have to unloaded and loaded many times on their journey. We want to ensure that our innovative products arrive at the customer on time and in perfect condition. 

Carefully packed

The previous method of using specially produced wooden packaging to secure the coils was very labor-intensive, took quite a bit of time and did not last long. A new solution was needed and an excellent one was found.

The Strang® system is compatible with all standard shipping containers. The coils are placed in a perfectly fitted bed of Styrofoam. Additional Styrofoam elements prevent them from sliding. Safely packaged in this manner, our coils survive any journey undamaged.

Fast and sustainable

Specially designed hydraulic lifter trucks load the coils on site at the Linz port. The entire process takes only around eight minutes, a major time savings compared to the previous traditional method of using wood packaging to stabilize the coils.

Our customers have been enjoying the benefits of this transport solution since 2013. Since then, over 10,000 containers have been shipped worldwide using this system—without any damage. An additional advantage of the Strang® system is that the Styrofoam is 100% recyclable. Transporting coils with this cost-saving, sustainable system benefits both our customers and the environment.