Marketing tradition for the twelfth time

The final event of the traditional voestalpine seminar took place during the last week of June. Marketing students worked on practical projects for the voestalpine Steel Division, which collaborates closely with the Johannes Kepler University for Trade, Sales and Marketing. The seminar has now taken place for the twelfth time and serves as a shining example of how science can be successfully put into practice.

The kickoff of the voestalpine seminar was in March. The students worked for one semester in four groups on practical solutions to problems in different companies of the voestalpine Steel Division. The special challenge was transferring scientific knowledge into practical recommendations for management.

A group developed a marketing strategy for a completely new production process developed at voestalpine Grobblech. A second group worked on the effects of Industry 4.0 on marketing and sales at voestalpine. Further topics included the creation of a training strategy for value-based sales and the analysis of the corporate value-added chain in the automotive industry.

During the last weekend in June, the results were presented to the voestalpine management and the Member of the Management Board for Sales, Wolfgang Mitterdorfer, in the course of a two-day final event in the alps of Styria.