EDISON awards Upper Austrian inventors

EDISON, a competition for ideas

The EDISON award is a two-stage idea competition dedicated to creative and innovative inventors of new technologies. During the first phase of the competition, ideas are evaluated for their feasibility and potential. During the second phase of the competition, the best ideas in each of the categories is developed to a higher level in collaboration with experts to make the idea ready for implementation as a business strategy.

Coaches prepare the finalists in workshops for negotiations with investors and define implementation strategies with their help.

voestalpine Steel Division sponsors creative economic ideas.

The motto of the voestalpine Steel Division in the area of sponsoring is Promoting Young Talent, and the EDISON prize goes along very well with this motto. This year the category called Creative Economic Ideas was sponsored. Gold in this category was awarded to Christoph Fraundorfer for his idea of a bike that is made of simple plates and is ergonomically optimized. The bike can be designed by the customer and branded for companies.

Silver was awarded to Leonhard Gruber The third prize in this category was awarded to Manfred Lamplmair.