Better together

Let's be honest. Our relationships tell the truth about ourselves. When the sun is shining, it is easy to be there for someone else. But everyone knows that partnerships show their true colors when the sky gets dark and uncertainty surrounds us. In the Steel Division, we have no way of predicting the future. But one thing is for sure. We have never lost sight of our customers and will always be here for them, even in the most difficult of times. We understand that production and startup schedules can easily be outdated as soon as they are created. We understand that our customers are beginning to see the first signs of improvement and that our high-quality steel grades would best have been delivered yesterday. And the thing we understand best is how to be a highly reliable partner to our customers whether the sun shining or it is raining.

We take pride in meeting difficult challenges and desire to support our customers in moments that make a difference. Our production lines are all running smoothly, and our reliable supply chains make it possible for us to efficiently process short-term orders for our customers. 

The rainy weather that we have all been through in the past few months has afforded us an opportunity to think a lot and do some deliberating. How can we become more innovative, more efficient and improve the quality of our products even more? Something good can come out of every dark moment. With a fresh approach and new products such as our smart tailor-made functional steel with printed conductor tracks, we make sure that our customers join us in being one step ahead.