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Hot-rolled steel strip

Hot-rolled steel strip

Tailored to the specific needs of the customer, the product portfolio ranges from mild steels to meet the highest forming requirements to ultra-high-strength steels for the most stringent applications.


To meet every customer requirement we supply hot-rolled steel strip in widths up to 1,750 mm and thicknesses up to 20 mm. Our products are available in both pickled and unpickled condition, as slit or wide strip in coils. Even slit steel strip or cut shapes are possible. Hot-rolled steels made by voestalpine are supplied in a wide range of grades and qualities. A variety of alloys and rolling programs provide our customers with just the right steel for their specific applications.

Steel grades

  • Mild steels
  • Structural steels
  • Micro-alloyed steels (alform® steels)
  • Case-hardening and heat-treatable steels
  • Multi-phase and martensitic steels
  • Pole and rim steels
  • Enameling steels
  • Steels for gas cylinders
  • Weather-resistant structural steels
  • Linepipe steels

Hot-rolled steel strip 

  • Available in pickled and unpickled condition 
  • Excellent suitability to forming processes 
  • Excellent weldability 
  • Customer-specific fulfillment of mechanical properties 
  • Narrowest thickness and width tolerances guaranteed 
  • Surface roughness adjustable in exact compliance with customer requirements


Thermomechanically rolled fine-grained structural steel plates

alform®-steels are thermomechanically rolled steels with excellent weldability, toughness and cold-forming behavior.

We supply thermomechanically rolled heavy plates made of fine-grained steels with minimum yield strengths ranging from 355 to 550 MPa with exceptional toughness and the best welding and forming properties.

As a special high-quality voestalpine grade, alform® steels are found in structural steel work, bridges, pressure pipes and in vehicle and crane manufacturing.

Our thermomechanically rolled fine-grained steels are characterized by a high degree of toughness and excellent weldability. The low degree of cold cracking and high degree of toughness in the welding seam lead to a high degree of safety in welded structures.

Utilization of the higher yield strength in the high-strength fine-grained steels (alform plate 420 M, 460M, 500 M und 550 M), as opposed to the conventional S355, results in thinner cross sections that lead to cost savings through light-weight components and thus to less expensive transportation, assembly and foundations. Savings are also achieved in component manufacturing, particularly in welding.

Steel grades

Special voestalpine grade

alform plate 355 M

alform plate 420 M

alform plate 460 M

alform plate 500 M

alform plate 550 M

Fine-grained structural steels, thermomechanically

rolled in accordance with EN 10025-4

S355M, ML

S420M, ML

S460M, ML


Plate thickness

8–100 mm for special voestalpine grade alform plate 355 M, alform plate 420 M and alform plate 460 M

8–80 mm for special voestalpine grade alform plate 500 M and alform plate 550 M

8–100 mm for S355, S420, S460 M, ML

Plate width

3,800 mm max. (dependent on thickness and steel grade)

Plate length

18,700 mm max. (dependent on thickness and steel grade; up to 24,000 mm max. available upon request)

Ordered weight 

At least 20.0 tons per line item

Unit weight

20.0 tons max. per single plate



alform® ist ein warmgewalzter, hochfester TM-Stahl mit bester Schweißeignung und steht damit für höchste Bauteilsicherheit.

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