Steel Division

Test engineering and analysis services

Micro- and nanostructure characterization of materials 

How a material can be produced or processed depends on its microstructure and surface structure. The microscopic and submicroscopic world provides important information about these phenomena. This information is incorporated into process and product optimizations and provides valuable insights into methods of research and development. As an accredited testing laboratory pursuant to ISO 17025 and certified by "Akkreditierung Austria," we focus on the characterization of materials. In the event of damage or customer claims, for example, we make precise assessments in our test laboratories and quickly inform our business partners of the results. 

Environmental analysis 

Environmental protection is a tradition at voestalpine Stahl GmbH. Our environmental analysts ensure that we are one of the most environmentally friendly steel producers in the world. They take samples of water, soil, waste and air and monitor their compliance with limit values in our laboratories that are certified pursuant to ISO 17025 or other institutes certified pursuant to ISO 17020 (C). We provide waste analyses to our business partners in accordance with the pertinent landfill ordinance as well as all official wastewater, emissions, immissions and measurements of maximum acceptable concentrations. 

Utility measurements 

In cooperation with our accredited test laboratory, we are able to carry out emission measurements for gas analyses in conformity with the pertinent standards. We are responsible for documentation, standard-compliant reporting and inspection reporting. The verification of wastewater measurement points is new in our range of services. The range of methods extends from customer-specific measurements to leakage detection for gaseous media to the ultrasonic flow measurement of liquids and infrared measurement technology. We monitor and repair your utility measurement systems. 

Operating material analyses 

Beginning with sampling and sample preparation, we offer chemical analyses of individual elements and compounds as well as the chemical testing of lubricants, emulsions and fuels. We also perform the assessment of metals, solids and industrial gases in our labs accredited pursuant to ISO 17025. 

Non-destructive testing 

A range of test methods allow weld seam testing, wall thickness measurements or the detection of surface defects. Eddy current testing of tubes, material analysis using mobile alloy analyzers and endoscopy are also included. Test results are compiled, assessed and archived. As an accredited non-destructive material testing center, we also offer non-destructive test services. 

We service test equipment according to manufacturer specifications and standard requirements. As a training and examination center certified by ÖGfZP, we offer training and further education pursuant to ISO 9712. 

Condition and damage analysis 

Damage is usually caused by excessive stress of various kinds. The analysis of damage can provide valuable information for future prevention. We will be happy to help you ensure that no damage is caused in the first place. We achieve this through preventive condition inspections, damage analyses and repair recommendations. The bundling of expertise among specialists makes it possible for us to offer an overall solution that will save you money.

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