Steel Division

Quality assurance

Quality inspection 

Quality inspection is the focus of mechanical-technical services. We have a complete range of equipment that meets every metrological requirement of simple measurement methods or the most complex 3D or laser measurements. 

On stationary measurement systems, components can be measured with lengths of up to 7200 mm, widths of 2200 mm and heights of 1600 mm. Components that cannot be dismantled or transported are measured just as precisely on site with our 6-axis measuring arm (measuring volume of 3.7 meters). Thanks to laser measurement, it is possible to measure alignments of up to 30 meters in length. This pays off in regular machine tool maintenance and monitoring. 

Surface hardness and coating thickness measurements and nearly any method of non-destructive material testing can be carried out, from MT and PT testing to spectral analyses. Additional activities such as measuring equipment calibration, test equipment management, metrology and scribing are all included in our broad range of services. 

Monitoring of manufacturing, assembly and startup 

These services provide our customers with the certainty that their ordered components comply precisely with pertinent standards and specifications. We inspect in advance on the premises of the supplier, review and approve standards, monitor progress and document steps in manufacturing. Professional monitoring of manufacturing can significantly reduce follow-up costs. 

Inspection of measuring instruments 

Precise measurement data as the basis for quality assurance require the periodic inspection of measuring devices and systems. A concisely defined set of measures ensures that measuring equipment is managed wisely. We calibrate, adjust and service electrical measuring instruments, thermal sensors, optical temperature and humidity measurement instruments and file all pertinent data. 

Calibration of pressure measurement instruments 

We calibrate measuring equipment pursuant to ISO 9000/9001. Such equipment includes master pressure gauges (1.6, 2.0, 2.5), high-precision pressure gauges (0.6, 1.0), pressure calibrators and transmitters (pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure). We set calibration deadlines and intervals and manage your test dates using IT systems. This is made possible by entering, documenting and archiving instrument-specific data. We also monitor, maintain and repair your measurement equipment in our own workshop. 

Calibration of electrical and temperature measuring instruments

We keep an eye on your multimeters, calibrators, oscilloscopes, indicators, recorders, controllers and data entry plugins. 

Calibration of infrared thermometers 

Correct temperature data is a decisive factor for quality-assured production. Infrared thermometers measure and monitor the temperatures in your production systems without any contact. We support your stationary and hand-held pyrometers in use in industrial and testing furnaces, production and safety facilities as well as in your laboratory equipment. 

Calibration of thermal sensors 

We calibrate various thermocouples as well as resistance, expansion and feeder thermometers. The highest levels of reliability pursuant to ISO 9000/9001 are guaranteed. Our measuring equipment experts record all data, testing and calibration dates and measurement intervals. We repair and adjust thermal sensors in our specialized workshop. 

Testing and inspection equipment for electrical safety 

Pursuant to the provisions of VED/VDI and ISO 9000/9001, we calibrate, repair and manage your safety, testing and inspection equipment such as installation, insulation resistance, continuity and ground resistance testers. We will be happy to service your loop/line impedance and leakage current testers, residual current (FI) grounding, line leakage current and high-voltage testers.

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