Steel Division



In an effort to keep costs under control, it is necessary to make accurate calculations. The many years of experience in our departments and modern calculation methods can meet every customer requirement from consulting, design and verification to preparation of final documentation. 

Our portfolio: 

  • General and specialized strength analyses 
  • Component analysis and optimization 
  • Structural calculations 
  • Static and dynamic framework analyses (steel structures, cranes) 
  • Machinery component analyses and calculations 
  • Static and dynamic finite element method (FEM) calculations 

Electrical engineering, automation, process measurement and control 

During project execution, we support our customers from the consulting and preproject phases to basic and detail engineering and startup. 

Technical departments: 

  • High-voltage systems 
  • Low-voltage systems 
  • Process automation 
  • Drive engineering 
  • Communications 
  • Safety lighting, grounding, lightning protection 

Energy and thermal engineering 

We carry out analyses and studies both for new investments and for the optimization of existing production systems. These studies are the basis for the creation of strategies, systems, models and tools for a more efficient and resource-saving implementation. Heat-optimized production systems manage the balancing act between increased quality and production and reduced energy consumption and emissions. 

Technical departments: 

  • Energy management 
  • Thermal process technology 
  • Gas technology 
  • Fluid mechanics 
  • Control technology 
  • Process automation 

Industrial building engineering 

The industrial building engineering department consists of technical experts in the project planning, installation and maintenance of technical facility systems. The specialists focus on air conditioning, fire protection and utility engineering. In close cooperation with the various engineering departments, the Electrotechnology Center and the technical utilities department, we offer a comprehensive range of services. 

Technical departments: 

  • Fire alarm systems (certified pursuant to TRVB) 
  • Extinguishing systems 
  • Air-conditioning and heat-exhaust systems 
  • Smoke and heat exhaust systems 
  • Utility engineering 
  • Heating and sanitary installations 

Corrosion protection and insulation 

Our scope of services ranges from consulting and project management to quality inspection. 

Technical departments: 

  • Corrosion protection for general steel structures 
  • Piping and vessels 
  • Heat, cold and sound insulation 
  • Coating systems 

Machine safety, CE 

Trust our specialists when it comes to CE guidelines for mechanical systems, plant engineering and production technologies. We will advise you and assist you in the implementation of all activities required to achieve EC conformity. We specialize in new, converted or extended production systems and machinery and can support you in complying with any applicable legal regulations. 

Technical departments: 

  • Machine safety 
  • Quality management in plant engineering 
  • Explosion protection 
  • Governmental agency management 
  • CE certification 

Technical utilities 

Years of experience in planning, engineering, design and installation of utility and piping systems coupled with the expertise that we have gained in our daily maintenance tasks make us a highly qualified full-service provider. 

Technical departments: 

  • Utilities and process technologies 
  • Plant systems engineering 
  • Apparatuses and machinery 
  • Piping technologies 

Project management 

Structured project management is indispensable for the implementation of investments and major projects. You too can benefit from the wealth of experience that we have gained from the engineering and design of dozens of large-scale production systems and in the planning and management of countless projects. As project manager and overall service provider, we will be happy assist you from initial consultation to completion of each turnkey project. 

Technical departments: 

  • Project planning and management 
  • Project controlling 
  • Time scheduling 
  • Assembly scheduling, startup planning 
  • Investment Planning 

Production System Engineering, Ironmaking 

From the foundation to the finished production line: The Production System Engineering, Ironmaking department consists of professional technical specialists with many years of experience. Our expertise ranges from initial engineering to the optimization and conversion of metallurgical plants, from simple auxiliary production systems and conveyor technologies to entire blast furnaces and sintering plants. We assess your construction project with respect to feasibility and economic efficiency and assist you through to startup. 

Production System Engineering, Continuous Casting Technology, Melting and Secondary Metallurgy 

Comprehensive knowledge of continuous casting, melting metallurgy and foundry technology makes us your first point of contact when it comes to the optimization of metallurgical plant systems and their components. We analyze the current state of the production systems, point out any weak points and work together with the customer in an effort to improve plant availability and quality. We supply services from engineering and design to specialized equipment. 

Production System Engineering, Rolling Mill Technology and Strip Treatment 

Specialized project planning, engineering, development and the optimization of production systems in the area of hot and cold rolling are the focus of this department. Together with the customer, production systems are assessed for optimization potential. In developing our own machinery and components, we are continuously increasing utilization capacity and product quality.

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