Steel Division

Electrical measuring technology

Condition monitoring 

Condition monitoring enables the evaluation of data even during the operation of production systems. As experts in the field of preventive maintenance, we would be happy to consult you with respect to condition monitoring during continuous operation. Our professional experts also provide temporary monitoring and error analysis. Vibration measurements and sound analysis can also be implemented without interrupting operation. Videoscopy can be used in visual inspections in openings as low as 6 mm while we use partial discharge measurements to determine the suitability of the winding insulation in inverter-fed electrical machines. 

Infrared thermography 

Preventive temperature monitoring is an efficient way of detecting possible system failures at an early stage. Infrared thermography, in particular, has proven itself as a fast and reliable method of acquiring critical temperature values. Thermography is part of our condition monitoring package for preventive maintenance. Quick, non-contact measurement and localization of error sources are substantial benefits in the early detection of potential disturbance factors. The images make further detailed evaluations possible and can be saved. 

Transformer monitoring/transformer services 

New ways of inspecting oil transformers yield precise information about their ageing processes. This makes it possible to target and implement measures to increase reliability. Our highly qualified technical specialists can guarantee a quick response and short lead times. Service and repair work can be performed directly on the premises of the customer or in our modern electrical workshop and accredited testing labs. 

Electrical testing services 

A large number of legal regulations and standards must be applied, including AM-VO, ASchG, AStV, ETG, ETV and ESV. Inspection intervals depend on the type, environment and stress in the systems and equipment. Intervals may also be subject to specific requirements. Our services offer you the possibility of reducing liability risk, lower insurance premiums, improve personal protection by increasing operational safety, reduce fire hazards and thus increase overall availability of production systems. 

Network analysis 

Power supplies are never an issue until they fail. Consequential costs can be incurred as a result of production losses or even endangered human life. Risks that could have been avoided by a professional inspection. We monitor the parameters of main power supply frequency, nominal voltage, voltage fluctuations, voltage dips and modulated signal voltages. These values make it possible to determine the potential savings in electricity costs. 

Industrial TV 

Cameras have become indispensable in the observation and monitoring of production processes. We create brilliant images of harsh environments that are characterized by heat, dust, steam and vibrations. Our special cameras defy the most adverse conditions and provide high-quality images of dusky basements or white-hot steel. They can be used in production systems, inspection stands, furnaces, machines, cranes, warehouses, gates, vehicles and flame monitoring systems in burners.

Test stations for electrical machines 

We operate three computer-aided electric motor test stations where we subject electrical machines and devices to functional and quality testing. Three-phase and alternating current motors, generators, low-voltage switchgears and transformers are also tested at these stations. This makes it possible for us to certify equipment, perform type tests and conduct endurance runs. Test evaluations are compiled and archived. Startup times can be significantly reduced by taking pre-commissioning measures. 

Radio frequency identification (RFID) 

RFID enables the automation of procedures and processes and makes them safer and more efficient. In the industrial environment, the technology has proven its effectiveness and enormous robustness: Even temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius are not a problem. Though metallic environments were often a disturbance factor in the past, we can solve this problem ourselves thanks to our effective system solutions. We provide consultation and support you in the selection of suitable RFID frequencies such as low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency (UHF). 

Safety valve inspection on site 

Thanks to digital technology, on-site valve testing guarantees highly accurate results because the tests are conducted under real operating conditions. Tests are carried out without dismantling the valves, thus saving time and money. Even valves welded into position can be adjusted without having to dismantle them, thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming weld seam inspections. Thanks to Legatest, production downtimes can be reduced, media costs saved and the service life of production systems extended. The test report, which cannot be changed afterwards, provides information about all results. 

Balancing of rotating parts 

Balancing reduces bearing loads and makes rotating parts run more smoothly. Balancing rotating parts also increases the performance and quality of machines and equipment. It also prolongs the service life of the equipment. Our technical services provide ideal solutions directly on site or in our specialized workshop. We use CAB measuring systems and guarantee high-precision measurement. We use dynamic, bending-critical and rotor-specific balancing techniques. Upon customer request, we also manufacture fixtures and clamping devices directly on site.

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