Steel Division

Purchase of replacement reducing agents for blast furnaces

Sustainable conservation of resources

In the past few years, voestalpine has established itself as a regular customer to the end-of-life plastics and oil recycling industry.

Implementation of these raw materials makes a contribution to the conservation of primary energy sources such as fuel oil, natural gas and coke.

End-of-life plastics:

voestalpine operates the world's largest plant dedicated to the injection of plastics into blast furnaces.

Since 2007, up to 220,000 tons of plastic have been injected each year as an alternative to more conventional reducing agents. In order to meet a variety of different requirements, end-of-life plastics are injected in the form of pellets, agglomerates or granulates

Several years of positive vendor relationships are the foundation for success in implementing this technology.

End-of-life oils:

We view environmental protection as one of our most important responsibilities as well as an important challenge. That is why voestalpine uses end-of-life oils as reducing agents in blast furnaces. A functional environmental management system builds the foundation of sustainable implementation of these materials.

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