Steel Division


Support and anchoring system

Offshore platforms are supported by adjustable feet. During ocean transport, the feet are retracted and point upwards. At the designated location, the stands are extended until they reach the sea floor. Chords made by voestalpine Grobblech strengthen the gear racks of the feet and allow safe operation in rough conditions.

Complex manufacturing process

We developed our manufacturing technology for chords as hot-formed parts in our in-house press shop. The pre-material is heavy plate of high-strength fine-grained structural steel from our own rolling mill. Strips are cut from this plate and formed into chords with a special tool on a hydraulic press with a maximum pressing force of 3,500 tons. The tool function is based on finite-element calculations and guarantees a high degree of accuracy to shape. After being hot-formed, the chords are water-quenched and straightened. The edges are flame-cut and milled on both the side and end faces.

Steel grade: aldur 700 QL1, S690 QL1, AB EQ/FQ70, VL E/F690

Dimensions: Lengths up to 4,200 mm, wall thickness of 120 mm, diameter 670 mm

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