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Parts and components

The production of parts and components, in addition to shear cuts and cut shapes, is one of the core competencies of the voestalpine Steel and Service Center. Hot-formed steel is used to make innovative, high-quality parts and components. 

Plate annealing furnace
  • Annealing temperatures up to 750°C 
  • Sheet thickness up to 15 mm 

Hydraulic press

  • Press force of 2,000 tons 
  • Table size of 3,300 x 2,500 mm
  • 400,000 strokes/a 

Welding line

  • Cycle-dependent assembly 
  • 75,000 components/a

Sand-blasting station for parts up to 1100 mm in width.

Our product,  alphas® forming forming, makes it possible to produce parts and components less expensively. The unique combination of high-strength steel strip and semi-hot forming in special tools offers great potential, primarily in the commercial vehicle industry. 

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Hot-rolled steel strip

Hot-rolled steel strip

Precisely tailored to customer requirements, our portfolio ranges from highly formable mild steels to ultra high-strength steels for harshest applications.


To meet every customer requirement, we supply hot-rolled steel strip in widths up to 1,750 mm and thicknesses up to 20 mm. Our products are available pickled or unpickled, as slit or wide strip in coils, and even as slit steel strip or cut shapes. These high-quality products are manufactured to tightest tolerances. Hot-rolled steels made by voestalpine are supplied in a wide range of grades and qualities. A variety of alloys and rolling programs provide our customers with just the right steel for their specific applications.

Steel grades

  • Mild steels
  • Structural steels
  • Micro-alloyed steels
  • Case-hardening and heat-treatable steels
  • Martensitic steels
  • Multi-phase steels
  • Dual-phase steels
  • Ferritic-bainitic steels
  • Pole and rim steels
  • Enameling steels
  • Steels for gas cylinders
  • Weather-resistant structural steels
  • Wear-resistant steels
  • High-strength and ultra high-strength steels
Hot-rolled steel strip 
voestalpine stands for partnership and highest quality:
  • Development of special customer grades to meet specific requirements
  • Highly consistent mechanical and chemical properties
  • Tightest tolerances guaranteed 
  • Consistently high product quality thanks to precise rolling process with perfectly coordinated temperature and forming processes
  • Material and processing expertise from a single source

Automotive subsuppliers

Automotive subsuppliers

alphas® forming

alphas® forming

alphas® is the new dimension of light-weight components in commercial vehicles, a technology and high-quality product that reduces weight and costs.

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