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Additional treatments for enameling steels

Powerful and efficient

Simplest processability of complex shapes, fewer process steps and enhanced protection against corrosion. Properties that make voestalpine enameling steels outstanding.

direct-e® – the directly enamelable

Cold-rolled steels for enameling made by voestalpine Stahl GmbH in combination with direct-e® make it possible to apply powder enamel directly following the forming process. The usual degreasing of the formed components is no longer necessary, thus resulting in significant cost savings for the customer. direct-e® consists of non-mineral components and combines several innovative properties in application, especially in the field of enameling steels.

  • Clean and cost-effective deep drawing process
  • Increased corrosion protection for transport and storage
  • Forming possible without additional lubricants 
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direct-e® - Die direkt Emaillierbare Umformhilfe

Reduced number of process steps

When using steel strip coated with direct-e®, the component must not be degreased, rinsed or dried. The direct formability and excellent adhesive properties of the material make it possible to directly apply a coating following the deep-drawing process. This substantially reduces the processing costs.

Deep drawing oil

When extreme deep drawing is in demand. voestalpine uses only certified industry standards that can be cleaned using a wide variety of different processes. Numerous manufacturers in the sanitary and household appliance sectors use this additional treatment, for example, for bathtubs, sinks and parts of ovens with complex shapes.

  • Improved deep-drawing properties
  • Bathtubs
  • Rinsing tanks
  • Sanitary
  • Certified industrial standards

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