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green passivation

Leading in quality and individuality: chromium-free passivated steel strip made by voestalpine. Our systems are as follows:


Developed by voestalpine and BASF, this system is currently our standard method of passivation. Its environmental compatibility is guaranteed by 100 % freedom from chromium and freedom from fluorides and heavy metals. Lugalvan® provides the highest level of corrosion protection as well as good paintability and emulsion compatibility.
Lugalvan® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.


dryform was developed by voestalpine in collaboration with Henkel and represents the newest generation of forming aids. Also 100 % free of chromium, dryform provides good corrosion protection as well as a completely dry and transparent grip surface (anti-finger-print light), with good slip and forming properties.


The anti-fingerprint solution for high-quality and complex components. magicform is a functional, nearly invisible protective layer that is completely resistant to fingerprints. Best forming behavior and extremely good punchability are matched by the unsurpassed corrosion protection, even in formed areas. Excellent weldability and exceptional electrical conductivity augment the product attributes of the 100 % chromium-free system.

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