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Our ultramodern cut-to-length-line with adjustable and exchangeable shearing elements is equipped with state-of-the-art multi-blanking technologies and is able to produce variable trapezoids, parallelograms and arcs. 

This makes it possible for us to supply our customers with scrap-optimized shapes for use in production. Shear tools required especially for arc cuts can be procured by the customer or ordered from us. 

 Technical dimensions 

  • Widths: 300–1850 mm
  • Length: 300–6000 mm
  • Thickness: 0.4–3.0 mm 
  • Pivot angle ± 36º

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Section industry

Section industry

Tubes and sections are used in a wide range of industries to meet various requirements, and voestalpine knows is very familiar with them.

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Section industry

Tubes and sections

Tubes and sections are used in a wide variety of industries. The requirements are just as numerous, and voestalpine is very familiar with them.

Less weight, higher performance

Highly innovative industries such as the automotive industry place high demands on the tubes and profiles used in many different applications, whether it be a seat rail, a strut, in the car body or the frame. In addition to different functions, they all have one demand in common: It always has to be simplest solution possible. High-strength and ultra-high-strength steels made by voestalpine make a very special contribution here.

Coating or additional treatment

Corrosion protection plays a very decisive role in the tube and section industry. Depending on the requirements, sections are supplied with the appropriate additional treatment or with corrender. corrender is the zinc-magnesium-aluminum coating made by voestalpine and increases corrosion protection by 65% with the same amount of metallic coating when compared to conventional galvanized steel strip.

Complexity becomes simple

Materials customized by voestalpine to make tubes and sections can be used to manufacture highly complex structures. The specialized technical specialists at voestalpine have a very high degree of material and processing expertise in the field of tubes and sections. In collaboration with business partners, voestalpine has developed solutions that achieve much more than merely meet the requirements.

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Steel trade

Steel trade

From standard to special grades, voestalpine is your contact for all the steel grades required in steel trade.

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Steel trade

Trade in all types of steel

A single source for all required steel grades. voestalpine offers standard and special grades for the steel trade. voestalpine offers standard and special grades for the steel trade.

Steel made to measure

voestalpine Steel & Service Center is one of the largest steel service centers in Europe. Highly innovative mechanical equipment enables products in widths, thicknesses and designs not otherwise available. Direct access to production makes distances shorter and processes more efficient.

High-quality appearance for longer

Even after longer storage periods. Products must look perfect and be uniquely processable. This is made possible by a very sophisticated program of additional treatments that are applied according to specific requirements.

A single integrated metallurgical facility.

No matter when or where you order. Steel providers always receive the same high level of quality from voestalpine for their customers. Even after many years. This is made possible by producing at a location that is internationally one of the most innovative and sustainable.

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