Effective application documents

You present yourself to a company when you submit your job application. The documents you submit along with your application should contain correct, complete and concise information about you, your current situation, your past and your aspirations for the future.

Basis for a job interview

Standards have established themselves over time, and you can adapt these to the given situation according to your own taste. Your application documents contribute substantially to the success of the job interview. Make sure that you use them to make a positive impression.

Complete application documents

  • Your documents should contain the following:Resume, letter of intent, a photograph, applicable (grade) certificates
  • Meet formal criteria.
  • List your contact data.
  • Beware of inflated information!(less than seven pages, no big talk, table of contents, quotations, gimmicks)

Resume outline

  • Personal data
    • Given name, family name
    • Date of birth
    • Marital status, number and age of children
    • Nationality
    • Military service
  • Education
    • Dates, educational status, graduation
  • Vocational training (if applicable)
    • Type of vocational training
    • Location of training
    • Duration of training program
    • Graduation
  • Work experience, internships
    • Dates (mm/yyyy)
    • Type of operation
    • Name of vocation
    • Short job description
  • Continuing education
    • Courses important to your work experience
  • Special skills
    • Foreign languages
    • IT skills
    • Driver’s license
  • Graduation
    • Date of application
    • Signature of the applicant

Letter outline (letter of intent)

  • Name and address
  • Place and date of letter
  • Recipient's address
  • Subject line
    • Your job advert dated ... in ...
    • Application
  • Form of address
    • Dear Mr./Ms. ... ,
    • Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
  • Text: Individual paragraphs with the following information:
    • Reason for application
    • Justification for application
  • Closing
  • Signature
  • Attachment