Diagnostic and monitoring technologies

The Monitoring Suite

Nature has often proven to be a good teacher. Keeping this in mind we have created a new modular structure of railway diagnostic and monitoring technologies: PHOENIX. Employing a honeycomb principle allows a simple and cost effective design. Applied to technologie this means:

  • Simplicity: applications and functions combine easily.
  • Flexibility: structure is modular and expendable.
  • Cost efficiency: synergy is achieved through common components.

This natural structure fulfills all current and future requirements for safe and economic operations.

Today's railway infrastructure contains a wide range of measurement systems. Monitoring and alarming are core functions. Diagnostic applications can be added for advanced analysis and decision support. Next generation systems are able to turn various measurement data into valuable information.

The simplicity and flexibility of the Central Management Software PHOENIXCMS and the Modular Diagnostic System PHOENIXMDS are achieved through a choice of functions and applications. The structure of PHOENIX hardware and software offers a way to build up a monitoring suite that exactly fits to your needs and budgets. Start with basic investments and let the system naturally growing over the coming years.

PHOENIX CMS - Central Management Software

PHOENIX MDS - Modular Diagnostic System