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Research & Development

voestalpine SIGNALING specialises in highly innovative products and invests increasingly in research and development.

Continuous evolution of our products and processes is driven by our international know-how network.

All research and development activities of the group are coordinated within voestalpine SIGNALING. This ensures that the knowledge and the resources are best used. In the different traffic sectors (high speed, heavy haul, mixed traffic, metro, suburban traffic, tramways) we realise solutions together with our customers, creating the optimal conditions for a competent, fast and efficient realisation of new ideas and technology.

New developments are systematically prepared for carefully from design, through to prototype installation and the testing phase. Documented studies of technical feasibility during the design and manufacturing stages as well as verification and validation are part of the decisive quality assurance activities.

voestalpine SIGNALING is a worldwide leader in innovation, with acknowledged patents in turnouts, turnout components, electronic safety and monitoring systems as well as hydraulic setting systems.