What are cold roll formed profiles?

Cold-formed profiles are steel profiles that are formed at room temperature. Rolling steel profiles into the desired shape is done in several steps. 

Cold-formed profiles are known for their precise dimensions and constant thickness of the material. We are happy to help you configure your profiles. You can contact us for cold-formed U-profiles and cold-formed angle profiles, but also for very complex profiles, custom made for your project. 

Cold-formed profiles - some characteristics

  • Blank, metal-colored surface
  • Usually smooth surface
  • Stronger (harder) than hot-rolled steel, but less elongation and formability
  • Lighter (in weight) than hot-rolled steel

Manufacturing cold-formed profiles - our approach

At every stage of the development process, from a rough sketch to parts ready for assembly, voestalpine Sadef offers creative, innovative and cost-effective ideas and competitive concepts that will lead to an optimized solution for your project.

From concept to commercial & technical agreement

  • 1 Concept from the customer
  • 2 Co-engineering: optimization of the customer's needs
  • 3 Commercial and technical agreement
  • 4 Tooling engineering
  • 5 Prototype and approval by customer
  • 6 Production drawing

Van productietekening tot koudvormen & levering vormen 

  • 7 Roll-forming / cold-forming / cold-profiling
  • 8 Further rework (such as welding, laser cutting, bending,...)
  • 9 Quality control
  • 10 Packaging & delivery
Where do you find custom made steel profiles in products?
Where do you find custom made steel profiles from voestalpine Sadef?

Applications - customised cold-formed steel profiles

The applications of these steel profiles are practically endless and we are therefore a supplier for ready-to-use steel components in a wide range of industries. For instance, we produce for the following sectors: construction, solar, industry, cabins, mobility ... Curious to find out more or about some specific applications? Then take a look at our market sectors page.

voestalpine Sadef - Specialist in cold-formed steel profiles

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of cold-formed steel profiles for conveyors, high rack warehouses, mechanical engineering, ventilation applications, crane and lifting systems, construction applications and so much more? Then voestalpine Sadef is the right partner for you.
With our 35 profiling lines, we make cold-formed steel profile solutions for a wide range of industries and deliver customized steel profiles that are light, easy to assemble and, if desired, finished with a powder coating. 
Thanks to continuous investments and adjustments, our production site is a leader in the sector, always one step ahead. Through co-engineering, our own team of experts ensures that every customer can realize his project with an optimized steel profile. This way we are a real profile solutions provider for your business.


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